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Mark and his wife, Denise first decided to buy a travel trailer in 2002. They wanted one to live in during a transition period from Texas to Georgia. Denise originally had a dream to travel across the US in an Airstream. It started when she read a book about a family's adventures of traveling the US in an aluminum camper. She asked Mark to go to an Airstream dealer to look at them together. Mark soon shared the passion and was impressed with their construction - 13,000 rivets, aluminum inner shell, outer shell, and support ribs. Their first purchase was a 1963 Safari.

From 2002 until June of 2007, Mark worked on Airstreams as a part time side job. He then decided that he could go full time and launched He has been working full-time since then, handling hundreds of trailers both in the US and abroad. 

As the business grew, Mark started teaching his son, Derek how to work and improve the campers. Derek has been learning and gaining experience since the age of 10. He now works full-time out of Manhattan, Kansas with his wife, Katey. 


Mark and Denise have 6 children and 17 grandchildren. They love to travel the US while picking up and rescuing the trailers. These unique, vintage airstreams are like time capsules that they can step into from decades ago. 


Derek and Katey share 4 children. They enjoy bringing them along on trips and seeing the before and after results of the restorations. Derek especially loves a neglected trailer that he can give new life to. 

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Here are some pictures of our family and airstream adventures.

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